… for my life bucket list

In one of my classes, the professor concluded her lectures with the poem, “The Dash of Life.” What exactly is the dash of life? Thinking it was going to be about how modern society rushes through life, the poem actually gets at something different, something deeper and more significant. It explains that each person has a birth date and a death date, but in between those dates is the dash. What ultimately matters is how we choose to spend that dash.

There is a unique network that focuses on the dash called The Buried Life. Inspired by the MTV show that follows four young men on a mission to complete their list of 100 things to do before they die, the buried life asks people what their goals are. Members can share their bucket lists with each other, along with pictures of their accomplishments and inspiring quotes. I read several peoples’ lists and was inspired to share my own.

Though I have had a list of things to do for quite some time, reading about this innovative community really made me reassess, edit, and add to the list. As I put it together, I chose to emphasize experiences, and I also decided to put down things that required me to be proactive.

And so… my list:
1. Greet each day with love in my heart
2. Live in DC
3. Live in NYC
4. Travel (maybe even road trip) around the US
5. Visit each continent
6. See all of my immediate family together
7. Learn how to ballroom dance
8. Run a 5k for a cause
9. Watch 10 broadway shows
10. Watch 5 operas
11. Watch 5 ballets
12. Watch a Shakespeare play in London
13. Write an article for a magazine
14. Learn self defense
15. Learn how to park my car backwards
16. Immerse myself in a foreign language for at least a month
17. Swim with dolphins
18. Go to a fashion show
19. Kayak down a river
20. Be in silence for three days
21. Write my dad’s biography
22. Sing a solo in front of a crowd
23. Sing and dance in the rain
24. Sit on a park bench and meet someone new
25. Pay for a stranger’s groceries
26. Teach a kid how to read
27. Lead a parade
28. Watch women’s free skating at the Olympics
29. Ride a horse on the plains
30. Be in a pageant
31. Write a book
32. Attend a masquerade ball
33. Hike up the Hollywood sign
34. Start a new family tradition
35. Work in the Capitol
36. Ride a mechanical bull
37. Sleep under the stars
38. Go on a safari
39. Send a message in a bottle
40. Watch the Superbowl live
41. Be in a live audience for a tv show
42. Get a tour of the White House
43. Build a snowman
44. Drive up the coast
45. Join a sorority
46. Go on a really cheesy date
47. Pull off a spectacular prank
48. Cartwheel around
49. Be a photographer’s muse
50. Learn to surf
51. Attend a real Mardi Gras celebration
52. Host an Oscar’s party
53. See the Pope
54. Learn the dance from Dirty Dancing
55. Ride a camel in the desert
56. Ride an elephant
57. Jump into a waterhole
58. Write a poem for someone
59. Spend a night in a castle
60. Start a food fight
61. Pretend to know a gorgeous stranger to meet him
62. Spend a night out to watch the sun rise in the morning
63. Get lost driving
64. Camp on a beach
65. Finish my senior thesis
66. Bike in Maine during the summer
67. Eat nothing but frozen yogurt for a day
68. Spend time with an elderly woman in a nursing home
69. Plan a successful charity event
70. Help a new immigrant learn English
71. Milk a cow
72. Name a star
73. Read the Bible cover to cover
74. Play and sing Moon River a la Audrey Hepburn
75. Fly a kite on the beach
76. Ride in a helicopter
77. Slide down my university’s letters
78. Give blood
79. Go out to afternoon tea with friends
80. Run barefoot through a grassy field
81. Thank a woman or man who serves our country
82. Give simple advice to a kid struggling with school
83. Go on a picnic at midnight
84. Spin until I’m too dizzy to stand
85. Carve my initials on a tree
86. Create a holiday for someone/something special in my life
87. Run for a public office
88. Hug a panda
89. Be in a zero-gravity environment
90. See an active volcano
91. Go on a pilgrimage
92. Get a henna
93. Plant roses
94. Help someone achieve their dreams
95. Celebrate mid-winter’s
96. Bobsled in Alaska
97. Do a split
98. Go on a Roman Holiday
99. Write a love letter and send it snail mail
100. Live by my creed

2 thoughts on “… for my life bucket list

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