… for round two

Last summer, I spent three months in the nation’s breathtaking (albeit humid and sticky) capital. I was absolutely exhausted when I arrived. I had just come back from a research trip to the Philippines and before that, I had been fighting my way through finals. On top of the fact that I was in dire need of more sleep, I did not quite know what I was going to be doing during my time in DC. I was enrolled in a kind of study abroad program so I could get some credits for school while interning, but I was not sure what class I would be taking and I did not have an internship set up. Nonetheless, I was fairly excited. My excitement and faith that everything would work out for the best, in my opinion, worked wonders and I ended up having one of the best and most fulfilling summers. I ended up taking a phenomenal class on political journalism that really challenged me to do my best work, and I received an internship at a nonprofit where I got to dig in to a wide range of issues, improve my skills, and had an incredible internship supervisor. I also ended up with a phenomenal group of friends and got the opportunity to really explore the city. When my time was nearly over, I did not want to go home so I overstayed and took another internship for another month. I had a phenomenal summer.

Needless to say, when I was given the chance to come back, I did not even blink. Over winter break, I had applied for an internship in New York and an internship in DC. Both internships I applied to were paid internships since my pockets were completely emptied after last summer’s unpaid internships. After a few weeks, the NYC internship program replied to my application, saying that the program had lost its funding. Disappointed, I still had hope for my DC application. Months went by and I heard nothing, so I figured I needed to start looking for things near home. A couple of weeks before finals, though, I got an email about my application to have a phone interview. I interviewed that same day and got an offer an hour later.

So here I am again, round two in this city, ready to learn and grow. I am absolutely thrilled to be back. And while I know it is going to be a very different summer, I am truly looking forward to all the experiences I will have because I know they are going to be great ones!

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