… for my achy breaky feet

As an Angeleno, I have grown accustomed to simply driving absolutely everywhere, even when the distance from Point A to Point B is very walkable. I have been on the East Coast for over a week now. I spent the first few days on a road trip with my parents from Baltimore, MD through Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut to Boston, MA. They went back home, so now my modes of transportation are the Metro and my feet.

Yesterday, my high school friend Sheel and I went around the city. We started the day off by looking for a place to watch the World Cup. One of the lively neighborhoods of DC was going to play the England vs. US game on huge projection screens, so we headed that way with a few other people. We tried unsuccessfully to snatch a space, and ended up just pushing our way out of the boisterous and sweaty crowds to find a nice air-conditioned place with some TV screens. After trying a few restaurants, we finally found the right place after halftime, but better late than never I suppose. Also, one of my fellow interns who happens to be a soccer fanatic met up with us to explain the game in detail to me. It was the first soccer game I have actually watched since I have never been a big fan of the sport. His explanations and logic behind the excitement behind soccer really made sense to me, and by the end of the game, I was cheering along with everyone.

After the game ended in a tie (which, in my book, is a win), Sheel and I headed over to the Air and Space Museum. The last time I visited, I was nine and I think I was so bitter with the heat and humidity, I did not enjoy my time there at all. This time was pretty pleasant, and I got to get out the inner child science nerd in me!

In the early evening, we walked back over to the neighborhood where the game was played on the projectors to watch the Pride Parade. Sheel’s roommate came along to watch, and we sat on extremely uncomfortable barricades. Even so, we got a fairly good view. The first half hour of the parade was political campaigning, but once the parade really got started, we had a really fun time dancing, listening to music, and grabbing beads and free candy!

Having walked miles in the sun by that point, Sheel and I were ready to call it a day but I had promised my friends that I would meet up for hookah. I am so glad that we went, because we had a blast! We ended up having a large and ridiculous group of people, and I loved every moment of our conversation. I had only planned to stay there for less than an hour. Three hours later, we were still enjoying ourselves so we continued our little get together and got a tour of George Washington University.

Such an incredible day and night, but my feet ache! Massage please?

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