… for the club

I am an extremely social person. I love meeting new people, getting to know them, and developing friendships. DC is a city that not only encourages what I love to do, but basically demands it. There are so many events happening each and every night and so many connections to be made in this town. Some people call it networking, but I think of it as making friends everywhere I go.

When I heard that it was common to just see everyone at the internship orientation and only see them again at the closing ceremony, I could not accept that. To encourage networking and relationship-building within the internship program that I am in this summer, I started contacting every person I met at orientation with a little note saying good luck on the first week. Then, I invited all the interns who work in headquarters (where I work) to lunch. The lunch ended up becoming a set event every day, and now even has a name – the lunch bunch. Lunch grew into spending some time with each other outside of the workday, and we all met up during the weekend.

Without a doubt, making sure we got to know each other before the internship ends was one of the best decisions of this summer. I have made some incredible friends and really learned so much from them. To make things even better, another intern, Lauren, and I decided to make it more official by creating a frarority! We sent out this hilarious email to the other interns:

Congratulations, you have been granted membership of ΔΩT!

ΔΩT is the premiere frarority of underappreciated, appreciated, or overappreciated contractors whose work or non-work has contributed nothing to this conferral of membership. Membership is bestowed upon only the crème de la crème who have demonstrated their commitment and excellence to networking, a.k.a., making friends while wearing business attire.

Unlike many other frarorities, ΔΩT has no member dues or initiation fees. ΔΩT is also unique in that no event is ever mandatory. Remaining a member in good standing will never demand earning of points. Acceptance of this bid and membership require only the desire to maintain the relationships you have developed.

More adventures of the members of ΔΩT to come!

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