… for America’s 234th birthday!

At home, I celebrate Independence Day with my family. Though it was a bit sad not being able to go to the parade with my aunt and little nieces, I was able to wish my family at home a wonderful Fourth of July from DC! Since I obviously was not able to attend the hometown parade and, more importantly, be with my family, I found ways to celebrate with newfound friends in DC.

Festivities began a bit early on Thursday with my roommates, Dieresha and Shameka. After finishing up some business in the apartment, we got dressed and toured the city. Thursday was a fun night, but I know that I need more sleep during the work week so I will not be doing that too often.

After struggling through a sleepy Friday in my cubicle, I recovered lost sleep with a nice nap. Finally well rested, I headed off to meet up with interns for dinner at Papa-razzi in Georgetown, one of my favorite DC neighborhoods. The food was a little pricey for an intern budget, but absolutely worth every penny. After dinner, we met up with more friends before heading off to Hawk ‘n’ Dove, a restaurant/bar that turns in to a club that is famous (or infamous I suppose) on Capitol Hill. Even though it was a very crowded room, we danced the night away!

Saturday was another fantastic day with friends. After meeting up to hang out during the afternoon, we headed to eat a fancy, home-cooked dinner care of an actual chef! It was a beautiful meal of pan-seared chicken with roasted potatoes and vegetables and completed with a perfect custard. We all left feeling quite the sophisticated adults! After dinner, it was off to a hookah lounge then more hanging out before finally getting some shut eye.

Fourth of July was the apex of the full weekend! We did some more hanging out before I met up with a good friend from my university to go to Mass with her. Mass on Fourth of July was fantastic, and it was a great way to give thanks to God for the blessings here in the U.S. After Mass, it was off to claim our spots for the fireworks show. After a bit of commotion, I finally got a place on a hill only a few feet away from the Washington Monument! The fireworks were beautiful and I distinctly remember getting chills when Rhapsody in Blue was played! Once fireworks were over, it was a mad dash to get away from the National Mall. We walked over to hang out some more and wait for the crowds to subside, and ended up having a phenomenal rest of our evening. The only thing missing – a birthday cake!

Today was a nice day to rest and catch up on errands, but I was able to invite a few people over for a great Southern style dinner and to tour my apartment’s amazing rooftop!

All in all, Fourth of July weekend this year was an absolute blast! Filled with excitement and memories, the events this weekend will definitely add to this year’s experience in the nation’s capital.

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