… for a post-grad apartment

I am a newly minted resident of Maryland. Having spent the past month with my phenomenally generous family friends in Virginia, I have finally found a place to call my own!

It did not take much effort to figure out that the housing market in DC’s metropolitan area is fairly expensive. One look at the Craigslist ads demolished any hope I had for living on my own in a one-bedroom apartment in a nice area walking-distance from the Metro (the subway system here). After spending countless hours scouring ads fruitlessly, I turned to friends and acquaintances in the area for some guidance. They were incredibly helpful with their information about areas to look into.

Ironically enough, however, the one person I contacted who I had not even met in person turned out to be the most helpful of all. She is one of my new roommates, and she just so happens to be Miss District of Columbia 2009. My other roommate just so happens to be a fellow Delta Zeta. It is an amazing dynamic – the sorority, the pageant life, and the excitement of being young twenty-something professionals.

The apartment itself is in a wonderful location. Not only is it extremely accessible on the Metrorail, it is also in a safe area and it is a stone’s throw away from restaurants and shops. Inside, the apartment is gigantic with loads of the ever-important closet space. My new room is bigger than the room I had in my parent’s home, and the living room is big enough to create a third room, which is what we have decided to do so we each have our own spaces. Currently, it is a disaster zone because we are still trying to move around. Give it a month or so, and it will look like an apartment in a magazine.

Hopefully, once everything is settled and all of the decorating is finished, I will be able to proudly invite family and friends!

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