… for celebrating sisterly love

I do… try to keep my promises to the best of my ability! As promised in a previous post, here is what happened on for Valentine’s 2011. Since this year’s Valentine’s Day fell on a Monday, I celebrated the holiday on Sunday instead.

Anna, one of my closest sorority sisters who also graduated this past December, flew out to New York City to apply for a prestigious film program. DC is only four hours away from New York, and she gave me the best Valentine’s Day present by taking the Amtrak train to see me for the day!

Her twelve-hour glamorous stay in DC started the way any glamorous vacation should – helping me clean my apartment! Anna is honestly one of the most selfless and giving people I know, and since I had just moved in to my new apartment, she had no problem with it. After a couple of hours cleaning and organizing, we headed out to lunch with a few other ladies – my cousin Christina who is currently interning in DC, Karen, a childhood friend, and Karen’s mom. Lunch was delicious, but afterwards, Anna and I were in desperate need of a walk to digest the food. The walk was perfect because I was able to give her a tour of the city’s iconic monuments and memorials. Exhausted afterwards, we picked up a few items from the grocery store and headed back to my apartment to watch a bit of the Grammy’s before she had to leave.

Just as last year, I had an awesome Valentine’s Day even though I am single. The truth is, Valentine’s Day does not have to be a holiday that is exclusive to people who have boyfriends or girlfriends, fiances, or spouses. Valentine’s Day is a holiday about love, and in my opinion, that is worth celebrating any day regardless of your relationship status!

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