… for a mystic carnival

On Saturday, February 26th at 9 o’clock pm, ladies and gentleman were asked to step right up to a great party in DC.

A fundraiser to benefit the Washington Ballet, the 2011 Jete Untamed Dance Party paid homage to its tenth anniversary by being the most rumor-inducing event in DC. The confidential location was not the only thing that left people talking – with fire breathers, sword swallowers, carnival games, and a photo booth – it was a great success that completely sold out.

After seeing the event invitation posted on a popular DC blog, I emailed the planning committee of the event and asked if they needed any extra volunteers. They did, and I ended up performing the “traffic director” role for a couple of hours of the night. Like one of the ladies on the Price is Right, I gestured which way to go if guests wanted to check in their coats, make a trip to the restroom, or head in to the party area. In exchange, I was able to spend the rest of the night enjoying the gorgeous decorations while making new friends! It was not a bad deal at all.

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