… for visitors

Several weeks ago, I was told that living in Washington, DC would mean that everyone would eventually come visit me. I whole-heartedly agree now. In the past month, I have seen so many friends!

It was another full and fantastic weekend in DC with three friends in town! John, who will be graduating from law school, took the train down from Hartford, Connecticut to take a break from studying for the bar exams. Searle, who starts his graduate program at American University in the fall, flew in from Atlanta, Georgia to scout out apartments and his soon-to-be campus. Danton, who is struggling to decide where to do his Ph.D. studies, flew in from Costa Mesa, California to see what Georgetown University had to offer.

Even though this weekend marked the end of the National Cherry Blossom Festival, we stayed far away from the Tidal Basin in favor of our favorite areas in town. Our group (along with my roommate Brittany) had a blast all weekend whether we were on the Metro, dancing, eating at a fancy restaurant, taking pictures, or just walking around (and in my case, piggyback riding because I wore uncomfortable shoes). Since we were pretty loud and had fairly random conversations, I am sure we annoyed some people. Apologies to them, but we won’t be giving any apologies for the incredible time we had this weekend.

I must say – as exhausting as it is to play hostess, it is completely worth it. Between figuring out logistics, busy schedules, and trying to sleep are the best moments when everything just clicks.

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