… for channeling Jacqueline

When an influential Washingtonian mentioned that I reminded her of Jackie Kennedy, I was stunned beyond measure!

As a young twenty-something fresh out of college in the nation’s capital, Jacqueline Bouvier snapped photos for The Washington Times-Herald as the Inquiring Photographer. The work allowed her to meet numerous individuals around town. Two years later, Jacqueline Bouvier married Representative John Kennedy and, as I am sure you are aware, went on to leave a lasting legacy as a stylish and impactful First Lady as well as a driven and focused philanthropist. Jackie’s grace, charm, and intelligence intrigued me as a little girl. I would pour over books and fashion magazine articles that mentioned her, loved going to shops and finding pieces that fit the classy Jackie style, and enjoyed learning more about her life. My fascination with her life never faded, but as things in my own life needed to be in order, I stopped obsessing over everything Jackie-related.

Exactly six decades later, you’ll find me spending some evenings and weekends as a Contributing Writer for K Street Kate, an online magazine about the noteworthy happenings and people in the District. The position gives access to wonderful events across the District of Columbia. I find out all I can about the event and the organization, take a few photos, and typically write a succinct story to summarize the function. In the process, I come across some of the most interesting people, and I have had truly incredible conversations about anything and everything under the sun! Soon, I will also contribute articles about philanthropy to the DC Ladies, a site with stories for women of all ages and interests who live in our nation’s capital. Having followed the site for quite some time, I am thrilled to be on board and giving voice to service and promoting volunteerism. In essence, these opportunities allow me to be a budding journalist! Even though this is not how I intended to use my Communications degree, I must say that all those hours of writing and analyzing has come in handy; even though what I am doing is technically a “job,” I absolutely love every minute of it.

Maybe I should not have been so stunned. Like the young Jackie in the early 1950s, I am also a twenty-something college graduate trying to tell the stories of the people in the world’s most powerful city. Like her, I adore getting to meet people from all walks of life and all different places. We share in common personality traits, characteristics, sense of style, and faith. In a way, I suppose I am reminiscent of her and following in her footsteps.