… for fantasy and reality

My closest friends from school know that I am a big fan of mantras. Every finals week, I would make up a mantra to keep me on track and away from the typical distractions – marathon episodes on Bravo, Facebook, or just gabbing away the night with a bunch of friends. Whether for school or anything else in my life, I love that mantras keep me focused and committed to whatever task I have in front of me or they help to ground me.

The latest mantra is this: The fantasy life I imagine is nothing compared to the reality God has planned for me.

As many of my fellow twenty-something recent graduates, I have been dealing with the nice little transition from the bubble of college days to the daily grind of work and paying bills. Even though the move to the “real world,” for me at least, has not been too unfriendly or difficult, the days when I could give in to being irresponsible – for example, playing hooky on a beautiful day – are long gone. (For the record, I never, ever skipped a class in school!) Like many of my peers, I wish I could skip this whole segment where I have to pay my dues at work and go out on dates with frogs. I have been dreaming about the day when I will have my glamorous dream job and the almost disgustingly romantic boyfriend.

But I know that at this moment, I am meant to be here. I am supposed to be learning from the ground-up at work. I am supposed to slowly figure out what skills need to be sharpened and what skills are relevant. I am supposed to meet throngs of people who add color and flavor to my life. I truly believe that all the experiences I am gaining happen for a reason – they shape me in to the person I am. In the end, I trust that everything works out. Placing my trust in God has led me to phenomenal and unforgettable opportunities in the past and I have no doubt that He will lead me to new heights in the future.

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