… for the open eyes

Type A 20-somethings like myself, here is some fantastic advice from a wise mother:

You are trying to see the entire 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle before you put it together. And what are you doing? You are trying to jam the pieces together, not realizing that each piece is one day and the entire puzzle constitutes years of experiences. Don’t focus on having too many goals. Focus on one at a time. Then take on another goal after that. When I was your age I thought I wanted to be a lawyer. I could have been a great lawyer. But, I would not have been happy as one. But, I am perfectly happy with you in my life. Remember, everything happens for a reason. Your generation sees life as a fairytale. You get that perfect job, that perfect house, that perfect man. But you need to realize “ever after” does not happen on earth.

Setting high bars for ourselves is admirable. Ambition, determination, and drive can lead us to unimaginable heights and allows us to give the world the best of ourselves. However, we also need to remember that life is lived now. Endless reaching lends to burn outs and worst of all, forgetting to enjoy the life in front of us. Chasing endlessly can make us lose sight of the beauty that exists. We cannot see the beauty of life with our eyes closed.

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