… for a new state in the collection

Item number four in my official bucket list (I have so many bucket lists that is getting to be a bit out of control!) is to “travel (maybe even road trip) around the US.” To clarify, I would like to set foot in every state of the union! Not counting the states that I passed through – Missouri, Ohio, North Carolina, and Oregon – I have seen nineteen states.

States where I have lived/live:
-California – being born and raised in the Golden State is what makes me unforgettable and undeniable according to Katy Perry
-Virginia – spent a total of 3 months in the lovely commonwealth living in an apartment with a view of Washington, DC, my favorite city of all time
-Maryland – the current home base

Family vacations:
-New York – first visited and abhorred in the summer of 1999, subsequent trips have changed my feelings to an adoration for all things Big Apple
-New Jersey – still need to see the Jersey Shore, but I have already seen its contrasts by wandering around its rural areas and the outskirts of NYC
-Connecticut – definitely need to go back during the fall
-Pennsylvania – Amish country was fascinating, but the chocolate factory will always be my favorite memory from the state
-Delaware – tax free shopping, hello outlets
-Massachusetts – we parked the car in Harvard yard and then went to eat yummy clam chowder
-Illinois – unforgettable Chi-town, I need to go back soon
-Wisconsin – honestly do not remember anything but driving four hours to get cheese
-Hawaii – we attended a few too many luaus and left paradise a few pounds heavier, but well worth it

Ice skating competitions:
-Nevada – the annual Las Vegas competition was always a highlight of the year because we would try out different hotels (though to tell the truth, my trips for my 21st and with my sorority were a little more fun)
-Washington – competed in three events at the World Championships in 1996 and came away with three gold medals
-Alaska – undoubtedly, one of the highlights of my ice skating career when I represented the Southwest region

“Big kid” travels:
Georgia – went to give back my time but of course came away with much more, it will be remembered as one of the most meaningful journeys
-Florida – hot and beautiful, it definitely deserves another visit
South Carolina – the trip that confirmed my love for the South

Now I can add a new state to my “Big kid” travels list! Just over the weekend, I made a lovely day trip to West Virginia where I was able to enjoy the beautiful wilderness and take in the glory of nature! I cannot wait to get back there to go on a hike or canoe down the river.

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