… for my new favorite hat

Krispy Kreme makes my favorite donut/doughnut (however it is you like to spell it does not change the fact that it is incredibly delicious!). I may have had my first bite of the original glazed donut at the tender age of nine, but even then, I knew Krispy Kreme was going to be a special treat throughout my life!

Lo and behold, I still drop by every now and then. Obviously, I don’t want to make trips to Krispy Kreme a habit because that would not be the healthiest thing to do, but I do indulge in a few bites! Completely cutting it out from my life would backfire anyhow, and I would end up binging by eating three in just one sitting! So on random mornings (or afternoons or evenings for that matter), I’ll make my way to the shop and purchase the $1 piece of heavenly goodness.

On one particular trip recently, a couple of friends and I decided to don the infamous Krispy Kreme hat! We managed to make quite a few friends, and even managed to get some traffic into the store. Not bad for amateur models, right?

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