… for a soon-to-be renovated Hawk ‘n’ Dove

Before I turned 21, I spent two summers in DC.

This statement draws immediate sympathetic reactions or looks of horror from Washingtonians. Not being of legal age in our nation’s capital is difficult when it comes to socializing during the evenings. Many a night depends on a good Happy Hour, a good bar, or a good club – all of which require a nifty ID that shows you are legally allowed to drink alcohol. As someone who does play by the rules, I had to stay in many nights while friends were able to meet up at different places.

One place that I was able to go to when I was not yet of the legal drinking age was Hawk ‘n’ Dove, Washington’s self-proclaimed oldest Irish bar. On the weekends, us 18 to 20-year-olds were able to join our 21+ friends for a fun evening out. Suffice it to say, I went there quite a bit!

Xavier Cervera, the new owner of Hawk ‘n’ Dove (and also according to the Post, “the king of Barracks Row”), is shaking thing up. He is closing down the Pennsylvania Avenue dive bar for a head-to-toe renovation!

While I will ever-so-slightly miss the dark and sticky dance floor, it will be interesting to see the modifications that Cervera has planned! From what I have read, it is going to be a lot classier and a lot brighter in there. Sadly, another modification he has in store is to discontinue allowing the 18-and-over crowd inside. Lucky for me, I am no longer in that crowd. But for the young intern coming to DC, find another spot!

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