… for the familiar friendly faces

It is so easy to go about the daily routine, go to the same spots week after week, and keep to yourself. Pass by the same people day in and day out and it will be pretty easy to recognize that guy who always takes the same Metro ride with you in the morning, the nice lady who sells food on the side of the street on the way to work, and so on. Or maybe that is just my assumption because I am constantly people watching…

In any case, it incredible to have the people you always turn to in your favorite pub, restaurant, or store. I’ve got my friendly faces at three places I frequent practically every single week – Front Page, James Hoban’s, and Krispy Kreme. Now that I mention that, I should probably lay off the Krispy Kremes a bit – but what can I say, Brandon, a guy who works the shift when I always pop in, is a good friend of mine now!

I cannot stress how amazing it is to be able to turn strangers into friends. Of course on their end, I am a paying customer who will not be screaming at them for anything. Not to mention, I will leave a bigger tip than average when it comes to a friend. On my end, I get better service than your average Joe Schmo. Now, I do not want to come across as the type of person who “uses” other people. In this city, that is way too common and I do not want to take any part of that! It is simply nice to have a familiar, friendly face to turn to when you walk in the door. It is simply nice to have a person to give a hug to in a place where things are going at a million miles an hour and where you don’t even know the first name of your neighbor.

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