… for a busy schedule

The kids are back to school, the sun is rising later and setting later, Starbucks is selling pumpkin spice lattes (yummy!), and I am back to the busy schedule!

For my 9-5(:30) job, my bosses have added two huge projects. Both are absolutely exciting, but it has meant an added load to my already busy plate. Since Congress has come back to life now that the August recess is over, there are also many events going on around town to cover. Running from work to event to another event and driving from place to place on the weekends to maintain my social life has been, to say the least, extremely exhausting!

Being busy, though, is something that I would rather run towards. I thrive off of all the activities, and it helps me focus myself to what really matters to me. I wind up saying no to the things that are not as important.

-Reading a good book… important
-Exercising… important
-Keeping up to date on the Sex and the City episodes on E!… not as important
-Spending quality time with friends… important
-Checking Twitter and Facebook… not as important (gasp!)
-Shopping… not as important (greater gasp!)
-Phone conversations with family… important

So, apologies that I haven’t been updating the blog as regularly. It was not as high on the importance list. Of course, I am still here! I have not completely given up on my goal for 10 posts per month. I will not stop writing and posting pictures about what has been happening in my life. I just have a lot of living to do before I am able to sit down and spill the beans!

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