… for my parents’ 25th wedding anniversary

Congratulations to my parents for 25 wonderful years of marriage!

In 1985, my dad came to the United States having immigrated from the Philippines. Hopping around from New York to Chicago to San Francisco, he decided to settle in Los Angeles because he loved the weather and the fact that he had distant relatives in the area. One of those distant relatives was planning her wedding and asked if he could join in the fun by taking a role. My dad politely accepted. Meanwhile, my mom had arrived in Los Angeles two years earlier with her parents and siblings. Keeping herself busy by working and spending time with family, she jumped at the chance to participate in a family friend’s wedding. Ever the matchmaker, the bride schemed to set my parents up. She paired them together at her wedding as candle sponsors in hopes that they would fall head-over-heels at first glance. (Side note: Filipino weddings dictate candle, veil, and coin sponsors who play a small but important role in the ceremony. There is always one man and one woman for each item.) Unfortunately, the bride’s plan was doomed. My dad’s first thought when he saw my mom was, “Wow! She’s stuck up!” My mom, on the other hand, could not believe what a skinny dork my dad was. They did not do much talking after their initial meeting, but circumstances and their role in the wedding brought them back together. Luckily, they gave each other a second chance and discovered that their first impressions were completely off.

25 years and a daughter to boot, my parents are the role model couple. They have been able to create and sustain a relationship between them that is so strong and beautiful and based on their faith in and love for God. It is such a gift to see the way my parents work together on such mundane tasks like housework and then watch them calm each other down when the other is frustrated or annoyed. And if I don’t say so myself, they have done an incredible job raising me! I am so blessed to be the product of their marriage.

One thought on “… for my parents’ 25th wedding anniversary

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