… for awesome applications

By no means am I a techie. While I do love social media (obviously this blog, Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, etc.), I have lots to learn when it comes to the technology world. Ahem ahem… If you have the time and you’re willing to teach, I’m all ears!

I do, however, enjoy several applications on my nice iPhone 4 (I’ll just wait on making the upgrade, thank you very much) that every iPhone user should be aware of.

1. The Basics
Life would not be the same without getting my email/Facebook/Twitter/blog to my phone, having a calendar, clock, a notepad, and voice recorder in reach. I am so much more efficient in my personal and professional life. Luckily, I am not a slave to having everything within reach and I am able to put away my phone without going through withdrawals. It is nice to have it all in my pocket!

2. Flashlight
During the hurricane (that ended up being a really boring storm), it was so nice to have an extra flashlight because every store in town ran out very quickly! Even on a normal day, it is nice to gradually wake up to a little bit of light before switching on the full lamp in my room.

3. Mobile banking
It is absolutely terrible to have this when I go shopping, but a mobile banking application on my phone has saved me a lot of money and a ton of headaches!

4. Instagram
I own an incredible Nikon camera that works wonders and I always tote around my small digital camera, but I still love to take pictures on my phone. As soon as I take a picture, I can go to Instagram to change the colors and play around to make it look like a vintage photo, one with vibrant colors, black-and-white, or whatever I am in the mood for before uploading away to Twitter. It turns anyone into an amazing photographer.

5. Viber
If your international friends also have an iPhone, you can text and call for free using Viber. Great invention!

6. Bumpit
This is perhaps the coolest way to get someone’s information. Forget business cards when you can give someone a fist pump to get their phone number or email address!

7. Stumbleupon
I’m not a gaming kind of girl – I don’t play Words with Friends, Angry Birds, or whatever is hot on the market. I didn’t grow up playing video games as a kid, so I never really got in to it. However, I do love reading and discovering new things online. Stumbleupon is a perfect fit for my curiosity during those moments in line or in a waiting room.

If you have any amazing applications that I need to download and start using, let me know!

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