… for a strike!

I am no bowling star, nor do I think I will ever be. But that does not mean that I can’t roll up the sleeves of my sweater and hit some pins!

Along with two super smarty-pants friends, I hit the lanes this weekend for the first time in years. It really has been a long time – so long, in fact, that I forgot that bowling was actually a game. Unfortunately for my competitive spirit, I am pretty terrible. Though I did manage to get a strike on my first try (thanks to beginner’s luck), I managed to slug my way through the first game to an abominable 30 points out of a possible 300. Now I know that 300 is pretty unattainable for someone like me, scoring at least 20% and getting 60 points would have been so much better for my ego. The second game went much better for me. I scored a sweet 90 points and tripled my original score! Hopefully the trend will continue the next time I decide to go bowling.

Here’s to my wish for more successful bowling games in the future. And maybe finding some other hobbies that I actually have a knack for.

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