… for a holiday wish come true

They say that there is nothing like Christmas in New York City. That is definitely true. But I do wish that the person who made that observation hadn’t told the whole world! Because my oh my, New York is one crowded place! Getting from point A to point B is no easy feat when there are a gazillion other tourists in your way.

On the bright side, it is mighty pretty! Check out this awesome picture that I got from the whole experience:

I have watched the Today Show on NBC since before I can remember. (Side note: Unfortunately, now that I don’t have cable – it’s another one of the many things I’m doing to save those precious dollars – I don’t get to hear the famous “Live from Rockefeller Plaza in Studio 1A!”) The Christmas tree lighting in Rockefeller Plaza was one of the most important ways to kick off the holiday season in my world when I was a little girl. Finally, I got to see it up close and personal! It was a pretty spectacular moment not going to lie.

I’ll have to wait for another day to go ice skating in the rink, but until then, I’m happy I got to see the tree and experience Christmastime in New York with my best friend for life.

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