… for a unique Christmas

The typical Christmas in my family goes like this – go to an aunt or uncle’s house on Christmas eve, eating lots of food, distributing the presents, opening them, and relaxing and thanking the Lord on Christmas day. This year, things were a bit different. Here’s how it went down.

Christmas eve still included the family party with lots of food. This time around, however, with all the cousins grown up, we had an incredible time exchanging presents and playing white elephant. If you have never played white elephant, you should check it out! It is an inexpensive and fun way to give gifts during the holiday season. I checked out with some board games that will be super useful for my new apartment.

On Christmas morning, we headed to Las Vegas. Not quite the typical place to go to on Christmas, but it was still a lot of fun! Watching to the fountain show at the Bellagio while listening to Andrea Bocelli sing O Holy Night was chilling. Afterwards, we got to walk around the strip and see the different decorations at every hotel. We made some wonderful memories. (Going back from Vegas, on the other hand, was no wonderful matter. Traffic was absolutely awful – a four hour drive became a nine hour drive!)

In the midst of this odd Christmas, the spirit of giving and love filled my heart and left me with so much joy! But I won’t lie – I quite miss the “regular” Christmas season.

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