… for good ‘ole goal setting

A goal is a dream with a deadline. -Napoleon Hill

I am a big dreamer. My wild imagination has always carried me far away like it has for many people, and it helped me envision tons of wonderful lives. There was the one dream that I would become the First Lady of the United States. Or the one where I became a hugely successful actress. Or that one dream that gave me the opportunity to be an astronaut. Dream as I might, I knew that those were just part of my imagination because I didn’t really want to find a husband based on his electability, act, or devote myself to the sciences. Without the passion for these dreams, I chose not to set concrete goals to make those dreams come true.

When it comes to the dreams that I have wanted to make real, my game plan has always been to set goals and outline a clear plan of action.

First things first: knowing exactly what I have wanted was never easy – and to be frank, it is still not easy! Determining a dream that I am passionate about and that allows me to share my God-given skills and talents takes understanding, reflection, and a whole lot of effort. But the times when my vision has been hazy has left me with unmet expectations because I never knew where I wanted to be. Directionless and going around in circles got me absolutely nowhere and is just plain sad. Putting in the effort to define a goal, on the other hand, offers the clarity that will truly ignite the fire, the inner drive, that is so necessary in reaching the dream.

With that goal in hand, heart, and mind, the next ingredient is to set in stone a specific and practical plan to reach it. Creating an action plan with a dream you’re passionate about and defined goals has for me always been the fun part! Two words are important to keep in mind – specific and practical. Since you will need to take action on the plan, use those action verbs (the operative word in Nike’s world-famous ad is “do” for a reason). Make hard deadlines on the calendar and schedule in pen when to do the work. Writing everything out is extremely helpful, as is sharing your plan with family and friends so they can help keep you accountable.

And with defined goals and a specific and practical plan, we’re off! Stay committed, perservere, put hard work into it, and you’ll amaze yourself. Let’s set some goals and turn those dreams into reality!

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