… for Leap Year Day 2012

February 29 only comes once every four years, so a very Happy Leap Year Day to you and your kin! On this wonderful extra day, leapers born on February 29 get to actually celebrate their birthday. I must say a special happy birthday to those born today in 1948 – you officially get to celebrate your sweet sixteen! Must be quite nice to stay so young after all these years!

Since today is such a rare occasion, I’ve decided to do something completely out of the ordinary. So on this little blog today, I am going to divulge some negative information about myself. (In case you haven’t noticed, this blog is about what I’m grateful for. Much as I may accept my flaws and much as I am grateful for them because they help me become a better person, I still don’t like having the whole world know about my dirty laundry.)

So what is it that gets me into trouble?

I am absolutely terrible when it comes to parking my car. I refuse to live in a place where I have to park on the street because parallel parking scares me. I love driving but I’ll ask other people to give me a ride so I don’t have to worry about parking. I start to sweat a lot when I see another car waiting to get through the parking lot while it takes me about five tries to park perfectly. Seriously, valet parking is one of my favorite inventions in the world. Which is why, coming in at number 15 on my life bucket list is: Learn how to park my car backwards.

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