… for the ABCs of the Miss DC competition

Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start! What is this competition about?

The Miss DC pageant, like any pageant in the Miss America system, consists of different areas of competition – interview, on stage question, talent, evening wear, and lifestyle and fitness in swimsuit.

– Interview (25% of total score)
In the closed-room interview portion of the pageant, I will have an individual 12-minute press conference-style interview with a panel of 5-7 judges. I can be asked absolutely anything from my background, educational and career goals, interests, hobbies, and extracurricular activities to opinions on current events and controversial social issues. The interview is my chance to display my communication skills, personality, intelligence, validated opinions, emotional control, and whether I possess the overall qualities and attributes of a Miss DC.

– On Stage Question (5% of total score)
Perhaps the most nerve-racking part of the entire pageant is the on stage question. Not only can I be asked absolutely anything, but I will also be under all the lights and in front of tons of people. Trying to stay cool, calm, and collected while answering the question will undoubtedly be a challenge, but it is one that I cannot wait to take on.

– Talent (35% of total score)
What differentiates the Miss America system from the Miss USA system is the talent portion in that contestants must perform a 90-second routine of our choosing. The audience gets to watch a wide variety of performances such as dancing, gymnastics, instrumental music, and monologues. For my performance, look out for my rock ballad! The talent portion of the pageant allows me to have fun performing on stage while also demonstrating my skills, personality, interpretive ability, and stage presence.

– Evening Wear (20% of total score)
Playing dress up has always been a favorite of mine, and in the evening wear phase of the competition, I’ll do just that! I will pick a beautiful gown that fits my body type and my personality while making sure the judges see my grace, elegance, and poise.

– Lifestyle and Fitness in Swimsuit (15% of total score)
And on to perhaps my most challenging portion of the competition – swimsuit! I’ll appear on stage in a two-piece swimsuit and nude strappy stilettos to show that I am not only physically fit and healthy but also confident in my own skin.

So there you have it! Come June, I’ll compete in interview, on stage question, talent, evening wear, and lifestyle and fitness in swimsuit, all the different phases of competition. I am so excited to share my preparation with you right here and on Facebook (www.facebook.com/CVLMissDCFinalist).

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