… for the Miss DC 2012 Orientation

I have said it before and I will say it again – pageantry is so much more than a crown and a sash!

Several weekends ago, I had the pleasure of spending time with the Miss DC Board and my fellow Miss DC finalists for the Miss DC Pageant Orientation. From information on great headshots, how to engage an audience, and tips on fundraising to learning what clothes work best with our unique body shapes and how to get the best grasp of the issues, we had a jam-packed educational session! And a side note: if you want to know about any of these things, feel free to ask me to share!

One of my favorite things of the weekend was having the opportunity to meet my fellow finalists. Actually, to be honest, I had far too many favorite things to really choose so I should say that this was one incredible things of the weekend. I had met several of them during the information session earlier this year or during the preliminaries, but more than a few were new faces to me! It was amazing to have the chance to get to know them and to make new friends. After all, the sisterhood that pageantry offers is one of the biggest reasons I decided to get involved in the Miss DC Organization.

The notion that beauty pageants bring out a lot of cattiness and drama is far from true when it comes to the women I have met through the Miss America Organization. I am not naive enough to think that every single woman who enters a pageant in the Miss America system or any other system comes with shining intentions, but for the most part, these ladies are smart, courageous, hard-working leaders in their communities who want to continue to improve their skills and hone their God-given talents. Getting to know the other contestants on a deeper level has truly been an honor!

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