… for meeting Congressman Buck McKeon

Another dream of mine came true! I had the pleasure and honor of meeting my hometown Congressman and Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, Buck McKeon. While I was not born in Congressman McKeon’s district, I was raised throughout it. His name has always been so familiar to me and to my family members, all of whom still reside in the 25th district of California!

Since my platform is “Serving those Who Serve: The United Services Organization,” I also wanted to thank Congressman McKeon for the service he has provided to those who served. A proud supporter of our troops, the Congressman also has family members who have defended and currently defend our freedoms. He was thrilled to find out about my platform and encouraged me to continue spreading awareness and giving thanks to our troops.

In addition to our shared gratitude for our troops, the Congressman and I discovered that we have a few other things in common!

  1. We both have fond memories of growing up in the Sunland/Tujunga area. The Congressman was born and raised in the area where I spent part of my youth which to me is incredible! Even in the Los Angeles area, people rarely know about Sunland and Tujunga.
  2. We both support Canyon High School. The Congressman is a Canyon fan because his children and grandchildren attended the school while I love it because my cousins attended the school. I remember picking up my two younger cousins from Canyon and working on my parking skills! And of course, my house has a great view of the school.
  3. We both love history. We just had to make sure our photo opp was right in front of President Washington.
  4. We both hold family close to our hearts. Without a doubt, my favorite part of my personal meeting with the Congressman was getting to check out a picture of his entire family. He has 6 children and 31 grandchildren! The pride he had while telling me about his several of his beautiful granddaughters who recently got married made me tear up a bit because it reminded me of the pride my own grandpa had for me and my cousins.

Thank you so much Congressman McKeon! And of course, thank you to his staffers and interns who helped make this possible. Keep up the great work and your wonderful service to the district!

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