… for old and new experiences

It has been quite some time since I’ve seen Mari Winsor and done Pilates! When I was a competitive ice skater, I also used to take private Pilates lessons to help with my flexibility. Lucky for me, Winsor Pilates became popular right after I stopped ice skating (and those expensive private classes) so I was able to keep up my workouts at home with a DVD. After high school, I wanted to try out other workouts to keep things fresh. My boyfriend, on the other hand, has never tried Pilates. Since he played soccer throughout high school and college, he was surrounded by teammates who made fun of women’s fitness (and probably joined in on the jokes too).

Randomly, I found Winsor Pilates a few weeks ago and tried it out with my boyfriend. Needless to say, it was somewhat frustrating not being as flexible as I once was but also hilarious to watch him struggle with moves his body has never done before.

We’ll be working to improve our skills! I’ve got to stay in shape for my next pageant and he’s got to get in shape for the next soccer season, after all.

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